Vampire Lords of Wyndhaven

The Temple District Sewers

Part 1: Belladonna's Foes

The adventurers, after some exploration of the grounds, eventually find themselves following the only lead they had: in the Temple District Sewers. They fought many pipes and small time thieves (destroying both with ease), eventually fighting a wizard and his giant bodyguard. The thieves seemed generally occupied by fighting in the distance.

After having won the fight (and raised four new vampire or vampire spawn in the process, (though they may not rise for several days), Artemis Karston took a wand from the wizard and fled to report to Ester Karston. The others were ordered by a strange woman with a large army of bloodied bandits to obey her, which they declined to do. A short scuffle later to determine her power, and the players call off the attack. She cast Command Undead on Tybalt, persuading him to assist her in capturing the invisible Silvana. After some grappling with the help of Apollo, Silvana flees through a Wall of Fire to escape.

Belladonna requests that Tybalt and Apollo do a favor for her, but suggests they come back tomorrow rested and with new spells prepared. They agree, and go back to fetch the party.



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